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Microsoft difficult the road ahead

06月 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Microsoft is still great and there is a grand objective of the » Not everyone will ask Bill Gates this. But Bill Gates this week to Inflatable Water Games withdraw from the company’s day-to-day operations, a non-executive chairman. Tim Oulai Li, the famous Internet leaders, have the honour to take over the work of Bill Gates. “Let each family each table has a computer,” and this is Mr. Gates 30 years ago to set up Microsoft’s vision. Now, at least in Western countries almost reached his vision, Microsoft has become the world’s largest software company. What is now the Inflatable Water Games vision of the » In a technical meeting, was asked this question Oulai Li replied, “all things electronic” - in addition to the extent possible, selling more than software.
Microsoft’s Bill Gates into the left and his wife Melinda established a charitable foundation, even despite Microsoft is experiencing some confusion. Windows, Microsoft’s operating system to conquer the world, has become so complicated. Some people even say that it will be overwhelmed by their own weight. The latest version of Windows, Vista While not a total failure, but also very disappointing. Many users prefer to use XP, Microsoft has started publicity next-generation systems, Windows 7. Microsoft struggling to keep up with its main rival Google’s footsteps. Microsoft recently released a product, if the user through the ads next to search results to buy things, Microsoft will be paid to the users pay. This is Microsoft desperately fought back the start of Google. The results, Microsoft’s stock continued to fall, or even lower than the industry average. Some observers begin to doubt whether Microsoft should not split their - such as Microsoft’s traditional areas, including operating systems, office software, Microsoft’s service sector also invested the most recent innovation, games.
Gates did not fully agree with Oulai Li’s view. He said Microsoft now have too many areas of exploration. After all, Microsoft has 33 to 9,000 employees this year, Super 60 billion revenue, net profit 18 billion. Timeliness is Microsoft’s own senior managers find it difficult to firmly grasp this huge empire. Microsoft now sell 75 kinds of products, of which there are many different versions of products.
In fact, Gates can give a more specific answer. Microsoft hopes with a goal to lead the other goals, including overtake Google. Now is the dominant force in the upcoming cloud computing era. Microsoft to find a new mission, that is, “to provide services to each desk, every family and every person hands.” Grand objective of this is enough to let Oulai Li satisfaction.
Microsoft is difficult, it must understand that the computer industry is undergoing a major historical transition. In earlier years mainly in the supercomputer calculations on the run, with the decline in manufacturing costs, computer processing tends small - is the first mini-computer and then personal computers, the recent development of handheld devices. Because of cheap broadband and wireless connectivity, communications have been catching up with the hardware and software development, computer industry also witnessed the return of the times. This calculation has led many to transfer large data centers. These ICC network formed a “cloud computing” - huge, unshaped, without geographical restrictions on the Inflatable Water Games capacity and storage capacity of the nebula.

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