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When signing Cainv writer

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Chen Yan said that in his work “Yue Ying Inflatable Tunnels   Hengxie” before, in fact, also wrote a number of things, but was made after a period of time, that feeling is wrong, not write it. Wrote “Yue Ying Hengxie” winter break in the sophomore year, suddenly had a mind of the ancient love story, began to write. Unexpectedly on the site was published, many readers have been the favorite. Sometimes one day there will be hundreds of reader reviews. Seeing these comments, Chen Yan very moved and Inflatable Tunnels   decided to write this story must go on. Chen Yan said that in her written over 70,000 words, someone wrote a long commentary, when students told her, she dropped to their jobs on the Internet read. Reader’s favorite for her great writing force.

Chen Yan said that he is a very easy immersed in the text, reading of the case, so also the time to write. 300,000 words long wrote half of the time, publishers have come to her, and she would like to make long-term cooperation, but her choice of a publishing house in Beijing, and signed a long-term contract writing. “Yue Ying Hengxie” is the beginning of her, she said, when your own text into a book, she has brought a lot of surprises and self-confidence, but also gave her the impetus to write it.

Library of the novel fast-see

“From childhood, like writing, but had never thought that a book.” Chen Yan said that after school when she would see a lot of books, see also miscellaneous, but like most of the novel-or narrative. Freshman when compared idle, every day from the novel by the Library, the library’s probably been almost see her.

She still likes to see history, “if we really have the time tunnel, to look at the ancient thought.” From her brilliant smile, can understand why she wrote the novel’s themes are ancient, some say, as it were, She is their desire to integrate into one of the better. Chen Yan also said with a smile, he is probably the romantic nature of the comparison, like a very good weather, the temperature is not high when sitting on the grass, under the shade of a tree to see Classical Chinese Dushi, quietly to experience a mood. Her novels in the mood, a time probably come from the experience of it.

Chen Yan gives the first impression is very quiet very Xiuqi, but Shuoqihualai loud voice, the smile sweet. Chen Yan said, in fact, they are like friends, like all sorts of people and exchanges, so this news is likely to become a professional after her job to choose the direction.

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