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Power is rare

06月 30th, 2008 · No Comments

1, Power: 9 points - Power taekwondo Inflatable Sports   athletes in the selection of professional standards is a very important, because taekwondo is characterized by “rapid, accurate and ruthless”, which are fast and relentless largely decided by the explosive force The. Wu Yu is explosive because of congenital prominent coaches from the Enlightenment was a secondary phase of the ordinary. Can also say that Wu Yu, the explosive force of her decision belongs to offensive players, even in Inflatable Sports   the country is Asia’s women taekwondo athletes is indeed in the minority.

2, flexible: 9 points - the first hit in the taekwondo competition in this is not common, but in Wu Yu-game often can see that wonderful strike action in the first - Xiapi, high cross kick… …. Wu Yu-per-lead on the opponent can be thrown in the thousands of miles away, high scores should be a main reason. Wu Yu-good flexibility, horizontal, vertical fork is small for her CASE, flexible guarantee this horsepower “dark horse” in taekwondo journey of the high-speed run.

3, force: 8 points - Wu Yu in the national team, the force is not the most prominent, even in the level of players in possession is not absolute advantage, but she hit the effect is surprisingly good. I asked Wu Yu and coach, came to the conclusion that she can definitely become a force well into the special forces, on the other hand understanding, taekwondo is more in need of “Qiao Jin Er.”

4, Physical Fitness: 9 points - so far, the only domestic competition screening scored highest on record or by Wu Yu-maintained: 38 minutes! In the world, must have such a high score is also very difficult to happen. Flexible, rapid, sudden, including a very good continuity of Wu Yu are the physical characteristics of a word - Wu Yu-Taekwondo really suitable for this project!

5, experience: 7.5 points - although Wu Yu took part in many domestic and foreign competition, and the record is more than victory. However, from a certain point of view, a failure for the role of athletes to mature than victory, because success will often conceal some hidden drawbacks. Although Wu Yu won the Asian Games champion, but her own in the final and are not satisfied with the performance, with Chan as saying that Wu Yu also lack the experience of some Inflatable Sports   international competition, so that there will naturally be psychologically Too tense situation.

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