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Jintang Bridge last main bridge closure

06月 30th, 2008 · No Comments

A total length of 26.54 km of Jintang Bridge is Zhoushan Liandao five bridge projects, the largest one, is also following the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the East China Sea Bridge in the third country after the long bridge, with a total investment of about 7.7 billion yuan. Dinghai Jintang Bridge, 1998 at Goose Inflatable Obstacles Island-mouth, from east to west across the ash-yang 18.415 km sea turtle, its indirect Xihoumen Bridge, and planning in Ningbo, coastal highway north of the intersection, and finally Ningbo City Ring Expressway .

“Main Navigation hole is a long-span cable-stayed bridge, such as the typhoon of steel box girder installation has not yet completed, it will cause great threat to the bridge, it must be in by the end of June before the closure.” Zhoushan Inflatable Obstacles Liandao construction of headquarters Wang Shen command, told reporters.

Five days ago, the last paragraph of lifting steel box girder, to fill the hole Jintang Bridge shipping the final 7.5 m bridge the gap. Yesterday, the completion of the welding box girder that moment, the bridge was jubilation, multicolored fireworks into the sky, the bridge builders have embraced with excitement.

Main Navigation-based cross-bridge 620 meters semi-floating double the twin towers of steel cable box girder cable-stayed bridge, is currently the world’s off in the construction of the largest span cable-stayed bridge, the commander-in-chief Wang Shen, “in Jintang Bridge Shipping off the strategic bridge of the main shipping-standard shipping is based on 50,000-ton ship design, navigation headroom 51 meters, 544 meters Jingkuan. To use all of this box girder steel structure, is to reduce weight, increase the span . ”

“Injury” does not affect full-bridge through as scheduled

Earlier, Jintang Bridge Approach side, things have been shipping hole bridge closure, the main shipping hole yesterday bridge closure, the only non-navigable hole under the bridge project, and we are most concerned about is the bridge in the “27″ incidents ” Injured “after the recovery situation.

“If not for that hit, now Jintang Bridge will be able to advance through the full range.” Bridge Engineering Command Deputy Director of sheep rainforest said.

This year on March 27 morning, Taizhou membership, “Qin Feng 128″ cargo ship Zhoushan Jintang trip to the sea, taking the wrong path and hit the Jianzhong of Jintang Bridge, the bridge of the two 60 meters long, 1,600 tons With the impact of heavy box girder, two bridge piers have different degrees of damage. Bridge command bridge experts convened immediately develop “treatment” programme.

“Two-box girder system has been completed, the lighter side of the pier damage has been repaired, while the other side of the piers have been destroyed after the re-casting system.” Bridge Engineering Command Deputy Director of the sheep rain forest, taking into account the pier will be destroyed Impact on the deck and causing obstructions accumulation Harbour, Bridge Works final decision will be a section of the pier with cut transported out. As production of the pier project team has been evacuated, the piers that can only be taken at the scene watering the sea. Now, watering after the completion of the piers is in a period of protection, is expected to be the middle of next month box girder structures.

That the economic impact is not small loss. It is learnt that the need for in-situ pier with nearly 4 million, reproduce one of the box girder to more than 100 million, plus 600,000 yuan lifting fees.

Although the bridge repair work is nearing completion, but there are still a problem is the two-block in the seabed off the beam, “sea water washed away a few years after the formation of pit will affect the pier, must be removed.” Sheep rainforest explained, However, specific programmes such as this week to be finalized after expert assessment.

This reporter has learned that after the repair of the bridge hit the time limit extended over three months, but will not affect the full-bridge through the end of the plan.

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