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Adhere to the original works of creative

06月 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Dong Manzhan each year to attract the most viewers of those derivative products, animation game this year, the situation Giant Inflatables  remains the same. The original pavilion at the second floor of the animation compared to neighbors toys, interactive games, it is a bit deserted. But even so, the organizers said that the original remains to be done, but also to do better, because the original works are those who seem lively derivative products the soul source.

– As the only plane stationed in the Expo’s chief media Giant Inflatables  cooperation in participation in the launch of the plate - Photo Editor Gang Tao of the original Olympic animation works. Terracotta Warriors and Horses wearing a uniform of the Yao, the long wings of a stealth Liu Xiang, David Beckham, Ronaldo…… show more than 20 pieces of the network’s familiar to many sports stars. These comics to break the “three Court of five,” the traditional composition ratio of materials to use integrated performance. All the paintings are hand-drawn, the integration of a variety of painting techniques. The author’s personal use of extremely exaggerated and deformation of the way to describe the images, the character who makes more significant. Beckham to Shanghai, get their own comic book feel like a very pleasant surprise, and more people have read these works, are willing to bid collection.

The scene, with many young people have the eyes of the “Sports Idol” took a photograph. Miss Zhang said that although these stars and real people do not look the same, but the feeling is very fashionable. However, some elderly people but can not agree that even if the comic would not draw such a “terrorist.” However, the TAO Gang confidently said: “comic exaggeration is to achieve some kind of visual impact and tension, so that the audience is not really remember the true characteristics of the characters, but he works in the image of the comic characters characteristics.”

When you see signs of this Expo, author of the Blue Bear, Japanese cartoonist Watanabe Acer stand before not only display works, and its derivative products are quite popular, Gang Tao said, “has been created to consider the future changes in style, To adapt to the development of a derivative products, so Giant Inflatables  that more people accept and love. “

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