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The conservation of the vehicle chassis

06月 29th, 2008 · No Comments

The maintenance vehicle chassis often been regarded as dispensable, far from the engine and the body then to the people, in fact, vehicle Inflatable Bouncers chassis are maintained properly, directly related to vehicle safety, handling, comfort and economy, and other key Performance, can not be taken lightly at all.

On these circumstances reporter interviewed a number Inflatable Bouncers of professionals, owners of transmission points for the majority of the conservation of the chassis Road.

1. Assembly oil regular check often seized

Here, including transmission, brake systems, power steering systems, such as the one hand, should strictly follow the directions of the time, regular maintenance services to the special station to supplement or replace, on the other hand have to check their own observations, in general can be refueled at passing cars Check to see whether all the oil in the tank, under the scale line between the two, off the assembly line will be lower than if timely added that the rapid decline of oil if that system is leaking, the need to immediately check infiltration Leakage site, timely repair.

2. To replace the two-time friction

Brakes and clutch two-friction films are consumables, use after a period of time will wear and tear, the loss of the original function. If not promptly replaced easily lead to accidents. General vehicles have the appropriate warning indicator light, will promptly issued a warning signal to remind vehicle owners to replace.

Now the majority of cars using adhesive friction of the ways to connect to the steel-back, has to be friction-mill in the end, metals and metal will be sent direct contact with sound, then only the replacement of friction films have been too late. So are fitted with an electronic signal sensors, some friction in the remaining 1.5 millimeter film, the brakes on the dashboard indicator light will turn on, which reminded the main vehicle to replace the friction film.

3. Four small absurd poor positioning of a thousand miles

Rough, the car’s four-wheel seems to be correct and are upright on the ground, not a matter of fact, if the instruments to measure, you will find them in the X, Y, Z plane three more deflection of a point, but Numerical small, generally only 0.5 to 2 degrees, simply do not tell the naked eye. Do not underestimate these three small Pianzhuanjiaoduo, it decided to shift the car’s performance. If the crash, or use long time because of wear and changed, control will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if the manipulation of the steering wheel feel strange, it should be the aftermarket plant to the formal or professional orientation of the four inspection Inflatable Bouncers stations to check and to be adjusted accordingly. Inexpensive, but to ensure a safe driving.

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