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The sunny side of the pockets

06月 26th, 2008 · No Comments

If you live in a remote area, power Giant inflatable supply may be a problem. Perhaps too expensive grid-connected and therefore you had to rely on generators and batteries, even if this is the case, the equipment must also be connected to the power on. However, the United States, Boston, Massachusetts, the Kennedy & Violich construction company, may find a solution to the problem. In Arizona, and the Global Solar Energy Company in cooperation with, Kennedy & Violich Architecture has developed a cheap, practical and portable way to capture the sun rays in the daytime and Giant inflatable at night to release the necessary practical as a light source.

The project is called “portable light source,” and set of solar cells attached to the surface of the fabric in one light emitting diode, the fabric can be made in this pocket and could therefore be in the sunshine during carry. Under the sun, solar cells generate electricity, the seam in the fabric can be stored in the batteries, the batteries at night for the same joints into the fabric of the LED power supply.

Known as a solar cell from the copper indium gallium selenide the material, which is unique to Global Solar Energy Company of the material. The copper indium gallium selenide, not normally used to manufacture silicon solar cells as good at capturing the sun, but it is more flexible, more easily control. The most critical thing is that, just a material, such as a plastic board, painted with a thin layer of the copper indium gallium selenide can create a soft, durable and solar cells.

Storage of solar cells generate electricity, require the same seam in the fabric of small batteries and plastic-coated wiring. Kind of rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the unit weight than other types of batteries can store more power, but not in a long time the circumstances, will not lose their charge too quickly.

Subsequently, to a few millimeters away from the hundreds of light-emitting diode supply of Giant inflatable these batteries, will also be slit into the fabric, solar cells and placed in the back of the suture. Previously, such diodes both expensive and brightness is not high, but in the past few years, they have greatly improved, is now being used in mainstream lighting in the (Italian towns, the last of its street lighting facilities for such all-for - Diode). LED lighting is very suitable for providing portable, because they are durable, and relatively lighter weight. Compared with conventional bulbs, they will not touch it difficult to fever level.

So far the project has been good progress, but there is still room for further improvement. When we move to the package, the package in the shadow of the side, while the other side exposure under the sun. Therefore, engineers have come up with a way to lead the solar energy where it is needed most. To achieve this, they will also slit sensors and switch into the fabric. This will ensure that a fully illuminated from the PV energy, not to be sent to limit the storage battery.

According to this line, engineers designed a device, in sunny conditions it can save enough within three hours of electricity supply LED lights up to 10 hours long. Different from the traditional source, the fabric can be launched, providing background for the whole room lighting, or roll up a more concentrated light. Moreover, the multi-chip can also be connected together to illuminate a large conference room, but also for mobile phones type of equipment charge.

The first batch of beneficiaries of this technology is the Huichol people, this is a group living in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico’s Indians. If all goes Kennedy & Violich construction company hopes that this invention will be sold to Africa, and Australia’s rural communities, each product price of 50 U.S. dollars, lower than the Huichol people a year spent on candles and flashlight batteries on the average cost.

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