Everyone likes to bounce. That’s why we put bouncer type floors in all of our inflatable interactive run, jump, climb and slide games. From the inflatable bungee run, stadium bouncer and inflatable slide to the gauntlet, goal to go and red zone, interactive inflatable bouncer games are second to none at packing in participants and generating loads of fun.

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This person in charge indicated

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we favor to handset animation this. Because from overseas, original animation’s `lives the gold ‘ the road usually is through platforms and so on movie, television broadcasts hotly, after forming certain influence, development related derivation. But the handset animation is the next round development new turning point.”Guo Xin said that in animation industry chain, 30% profits from animation itself, 70% profits from related derivation. Wins the big repayment by the small investment, quite conforms to the taste which the wind throws. Hugged is seeking for the handset animation “dived the shares given for service instead of investment” the goal, Guo Xin arrived at the Hangzhou international animation festival. Makes her feel what is joyful, Hangzhou Jupiter science movie creativity advertisement Limited company also really has one about the handset animation creativity project.
“but, after looking, thinks is quite disappointed, thinks with me Giant Inflatables to be not too same.”Guo Xin indicated that she saw the entire handset animation’s project, including operation pattern, profit pattern, future development project and so on, all will occupy the initial period in the skeleton, will imagine to her the investment plan, will be far from. Has the similar view with Guo Xin, but also has the Hangzhou Yangtze River to create throws the Limited company. When “Zhejiang Business” reporter dials this company related project person in charge’s telephone, explanation interview intention time, her first few words are: “we have the interest very much truly to the animation, but could not find the project, if you had good project, welcome to recommend.”This person in charge indicated that the animation profession existence in a big way invests, effective slow, the profit cycle to be long, the profit pattern not clear and so on questions, the wind throws compares pays great attention the short-term yield, lets them have hesitates. Even if the national animation industry entered the development upsurge, but faces has Giant Inflatables not seen the clear development model the animation enterprise, the wind throw very difficult to have the investment confidence and the courage, can only shrink back at the sight.

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