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the animation train

06月 29th, 2010 · No Comments

On June 27, and Tianjin Sichuan city third department railroad knows perfectly well the railroad in Japan Hui Neishi, started a business an unusual train - - “the animation train” - - on the vehicle everywhere to hang all over the animation painting for the first time, its goal was to propagandize set up “the animation village” in Hui Neishi the conception. This conception is by this year 72 year-old original valuable tomb plastic arts professor west the fragrance prosperous male proposed that prosperous male looked like west the fragrance “sets up the animation base in Hui Neishi is closely linked with the `Japan animation promotion ‘”. West the fragrance prosperous male has been being engaged in the animation creation the work, has created the television series animation piece successively “Star of the Giant” and so on more than 2000 works. Starts from September, west the fragrance which retires from the valuable tomb plastic arts university prosperous male was still already not aware of fatigue, will go to the Chinese Shanghai, and arrives personally the Shanghai Animation Specialized middle school scene to carry on the instruction to the student, specialized has become popular specialized China to the present animation, without doubt is and the Japanese animation “the jorum” “the intimate contact” super good news.
  About 30 local residents make contact with this “the animation train”. Manufactured west more than 2000 animation work fragrance prosperous male specially to coordinate this activity to make one take the leopard cat as the leading character, narrated that knew perfectly Inflatable Bouncers  well the railroad story the short article animated cartoon. West the fragrance prosperous male has been swindled a temporary guide in the vehicle, said to everybody introduction, “the lovable leopard cat can only grow in Japan and China, in addition is unable to survive. I want to propagandize Japan to the people, the propaganda favor that”. West the fragrance prosperous male also disclosed to everybody has participates in international film festival’s plan. Singer city Yuki also gets on this “the animation train”, and knew perfectly well that the railroad was the theme, the scene sings itself for the passengers to write words “`bang bang ‘ song of the number leopard cat”.  
 “the animation train” the activity will not only appear the Japanese animation writer to the future animation expectation, will borrow this “only to be able will grow in China and Japan” lovable actually to border on genocide’s micro-organism leopard cat, and the Inflatable Bouncers September’s tour of Shanghai animation instruction, also the house holds west the fragrance the prosperous male hope “the happy animation” to be able to know perfectly well likely the railroad will become equally connects road’s of the close Sino-Japanese friendship cultural messenger.

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