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China greatly online

06月 28th, 2010 · No Comments

30 year-old Wang Hai the soldier had just gotten the marriage certificate, but he already was scheduled himself to take father’s role early: In creates in the joyful dream for the Chinese 200,000,000 children, will include without doubt also his future child.  
 At present, this dream has a good opening. Has promoted “a Mole of Manor” since April, 2008, already some 30,000,000 user registration, the overwhelming majority is 6~14 year-old child, they in this hypothesized on-line paradise, play each kind of small game, to chat, to put on the attractive clothes, to dress up their hut, or to the silk elder sister, Brother Mi Qi pours out the laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness.
  The Internet ever does not lack the star company which rises Inflatable Air Dancer rapidly, but washes rice the company is first proposed explicitly makes “the child entertainment” company. Wang Haibing attempts take “joyfully” as the essence, take the Internet as the way, to child cultural entertainment seepage. Its ultimate objective is network Disney, but certainly will run into happy Yang Yang, the QQ pet on the way as well as has “network Disney” the dream grandly and so on heavyweight match to plunder similarly kills. Washes rice can walk far?  
 A mole of manor is Wang Haibing third time a product which starts from zero to found. in 2000, big two student Wang Haibing has built Huazhong University of Science and Technology’s open-door policy Central China greatly online. in 2005, joins leaps news less than one year Wang Haibing to hold the post of inspector general QQ pet project and obtains successfully, is precisely in this process, he discovered that China’s child Internet market still a blank, and leapt news colleague Cheng Yunpeng, Wei in 2007 October with two to shake founds together washes rice, hereafter two year Inflatable Air Dancer development has proven this market potential.  
 The founder leapt the news work experience to wash rice has laid the foundation, but this young team tried to find out a set let “mother feel relieved, the child liked” the unique heart law was the secret which it rose.

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