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Zhou Xingchi mystically

06月 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Human who in everybody’s impression, Zhou Xingchi is one is severe, earnestly, does not have the patience, will not love the former friendship. Therefore, his side’s many friends 11 leave him to go. But, yesterday and numerous child’s Zhou Xingchi actually seemed facing everybody has changed a person, became fills the father to love, many many patiences.  
 Will define the short interview time facing the staff to reporter, Zhou Inflatable Product Shapes Xingchi will have helped reporter to speak the word of praise, “the interview ended? Everybody has not had the question? Has the question to be possible to ask me again, does not have the relations.”  
 On the spot, facing the numerous frantic children, Zhou Xingchi will hold the post of the temporary child director, will sing the nursery song. Zhou Xingchi said: “I more than 20 years had already not worked as the child master of ceremonies, has now let me feel that he changed has been young, returned to 20 years ago.”
   Zhou Xingchi said that he is interested specially to the child. When did that plan that has one to belong to own child? Zhou Xingchi mystically and smiled strangely, “this matter needs to look at the fate. However, if I will work as the father, I will have regarded child’s imagination and the creativity.”Zhou Xingchi has thought a meeting, but also said that oneself will also make one to accompany the child to look frequently cartoon film good daddy, “my childhood, the majority of time were and mother in the same place. My childhood biggest dream one day, daddy may accompany me to watch a cartoon Inflatable Product Shapes film. Now, I often ask him, why initially didn’t have such to do. My father said: the `present’s cartoon film has is assorted attractively. ‘I tell him: if `I make one to come out, you will accompany me to look at one time? ‘daddy said: `is good. ‘” like this, for time this stature had not realized the dream, Zhou Xingchi has manufactured a cartoon film “the Yangtze River Seven Love Earth”, “my father said that he will arrive at the movie theater to accompany me to look one time, I will anticipate.”

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