Everyone likes to bounce. That’s why we put bouncer type floors in all of our inflatable interactive run, jump, climb and slide games. From the inflatable bungee run, stadium bouncer and inflatable slide to the gauntlet, goal to go and red zone, interactive inflatable bouncer games are second to none at packing in participants and generating loads of fun.

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While obtains the huge commercial

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Germany “Bright mirror Weekly” once resurfaced to Woods is not very optimistic, “Woods will encounter the very major difficulty, is going to face the innumerable double virulent vision and others’ talking in whispers.”The German media’s judgment has the market very much, after all, a fine-looking man person image is destroyed so thoroughly, if wants the short time to obtain forgives easier said than done. Displayed temper from the end of last year the scandal to announce that noisily the unlimited time armistice arrived at the announcement to resurface again, Woods has placed the keenest struggle, he and his team has also been attempting with the shortest time to reverse the image. Since March 21, Woods has accepted the sex scandal to erupt the first time media interview. Before the television lens, his body Nike clothing - - in the past’s four months, 3 sponsors has abandoned him, in is left over in several supporters, Nike is firmest. “this is I and the irene private affair ……When I come back, I need to let my display respect this movement.”Woods with five minutes time, his exposes before the public. But at one month’s ago apology meeting, the American most strong trend’s golf author organized - - the American golf Journalists’ association then to say to Woods “not”. These had not planned that forgives Woods’s media to believe that Woods has not displayed the enough sincerity.
 Forgiveness is not too truly easy. Must know that his behavior has injured many people, including some young fans. Before last year Christmas day, the US “the Utah Newspaper” has received a fan incoming letter, “dear Santa Claus, I wants set of Woods funds originally the child pole, but the present can trade a brand? I did not like Woods, he lay, has made the misdemeanor to the family member. Thanks you. Book.” In American mainstream Inflatable Air Dancer values, Woods’s mistake seriously to extremely. What awfully is, in these years, Woods’s team the image which designs for him is also too holy, under so big contrast, the people give the conclusion is “he is a hypocrite”. Woods before it happened, Arnold · Palmer once “Sports Pictorial” Reporter Bamberger said to the US: “I once envied to Woods seriously, but is gives the world money I, I will not take my life and he exchange.” But how can Woods? While obtains the huge commercial interest, his already quilt “kidnapping”. Woods no longer is Woods, he is only one image which needs. The fan, the media, the business need this kind of image, this movement needs a perfect Woods. Says from this angle, Woods does the scandal was only “makes itself”, said with Cheng Long’s words, he has violated the mistake which many men could violate. The American photograph made Jordan to mold equally Woods a god. Also placed on trial likely violates has raped the crime the Inflatable Air Dancer kopeck to place on trial Woods equally.

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