Everyone likes to bounce. That’s why we put bouncer type floors in all of our inflatable interactive run, jump, climb and slide games. From the inflatable bungee run, stadium bouncer and inflatable slide to the gauntlet, goal to go and red zone, interactive inflatable bouncer games are second to none at packing in participants and generating loads of fun.

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•  Bounces, Slides and Tunnels
•  Tents, Arches, Folders
•  Funcity and Sports
•  Holiday & Christmas promotional accessories
•  Animated Cartoons and Air Dancers 

For over 10 years Top Inflatables Inc. has been successfully designing and developing innovative and wacky inflatables. We have the worlds largest manufacturing facility! With our Skilled Work force and the latest equipment, we have become a force to reckon with in the world market.


Our clients are spread around the world more than 85 countries includeing U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, U.K., Belgium, Australia, Malaysiia and Japan. Our creative team is constantly working on developing sensational designs to capture the hearts of amusements and entertainment lovers across the globe. Top Inflatable Inc. design and supply a complete range of entertainment and promotional inflatables, such as bouncies, arches, balloons suing the latest CAD technology to reproduce the most complicated designs and ideas.


Top Inflatables Inc. product line includes the following inflatable promotional and marketing items: